6th Annual Busker Festival

6th Annual Busker Festival

Saturday, October 8 - Sunday, October 9, 2022

Discover music around every corner during the 6th Annual Busker Festival at Settlers Green, happening Saturday and Sunday of Columbus Day Weekend. More than a dozen street musicians are scattered throughout Settlers Green, filling the autumn air with sweet sounds of bluegrass, jazz and rock and roll to enjoy while shopping and dining. The buskers play from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. 

Featured Buskers

Performing from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday throughout Settlers Green. Scroll down for times and locations.

Candie Tremblay
Dan Parkhurst
DellaValla Bluegrass Trio
Eric Kukler
Julia Velie
Katie Dobbins
Majestic Loon Birds
North Country Jazz
Rob Viola
String Equinox
Trenton Graham
Willow Carter

Busker Performance Times & Locations

Locations are all within Settlers Green. All suite numbers identify the nearest suite to playing location below. 

Download A Busker Festival Map

Saturday, October 8

11-12:30 - Candie Tremblay at The Porch (Michael Kors, Suite M30)
11-12:30 - Katie Dobbins at Jockey Square (Jockey, Suite D14)
11-12:30 - Majestic Loon Birds at rue21 Square (rue 21, Suite B2)
11:30-1 - Dan Parkhurst at The Pathway (Skechers, Suite M10)
12-1:30 - Rob Viola at The Green (Cheese Louise, Suite B29)
12-1:30 - Trenton Graham at Sweetz & More (Suite I40)
1-2:30 - String Equinox at White Mountain Cupcakery (Suite D52)
1:30-3- Catwolf at Barley & Salt (Suite N)
1:30-3 - DellaValla Bluegrass Trio at The Alley (Banana Republic, Suite B54)
1:30-3 - North Country Jazz at rue21 Square (rue 21, Suite B2)
2-3:30 - Eric Kukler at The Green (Cheese Louise, Suite B29)

Sunday, October 9

11-12:30 - DellaValla Bluegrass Trio at The Porch (Michael Kors, Suite M30)
11-12:30 - Majestic Loon Birds at Jockey Square (Jockey, Suite D14)
11:30-1 - Dan Parkhurst at rue21 Square (rue 21, Suite B2)
11:30-1 - Willow Carter at The Pathway (Skechers, Suite M10)
12-1:30 - North Country Jazz at The Green (Cheese Louise, Suite B29)
12-1:30 - Eric Kukler at Sweetz & More (Suite I40)
1-2:30 - Julia Velie at Barley & Salt (Suite N)
1-2:30 - String Equinox at White Mountain Cupcakery (Suite D52)
1:30-3 - Trenton Graham at The Alley (Banana Republic, Suite B54)
1:30-3 - Rob Viola at Jockey Square (Jockey, Suite D14)
2-3:30 - Catwolf at The Green (Cheese Louise, Suite B29)
3-4:30 - Candie Tremblay at Barley & Salt (Suite N)

Pop Up Beer Garden on The Green

Tuckerman Brewing Company is serving up frosty beverages including popular its popular line of fall beers on Saturday & Sunday during Busker Festival. The outdoor pop up beer garden is open 12-4 p.m. and will include seating areas and music. Enjoy all your favorite Tuckerman beers when you join us on The Green in the Courtyard by Cheese Louise and Trails End Ice Cream. The beer garden is dog friendly and family friendly! 

Food Trucks

Adding to our already amazing selection of restaurants and eateries, Mister Twister Pretzel Guy and Happy Valley Popcorn Company will be here on Saturday and Sunday during Busker Festival. Mister Twister will be at rue21 Square (Suite B2) and Happy Valley Popcorn Co. will be at Jockey Square (Suite D14). On Monday of the long weekend, the music might be over, but Boston's Best Roast Beef will be at The Pathway (Skechers, Suite M10). Learn More

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