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                  MICHAEL                            REBECCA
                  ALFANO                             KLEMENTOVICH
                  Bronze Sculpture                   Painted Mural
                  “The Red Fox”                      “Can We Talk?”
                  Located at Settlers Green          Located at Settlers Green
                  Outlet Village near                Streetside, in pathway by
                  Customer Service                   Francesca’s

                  KRISTEN                            DALE
                  POBATSCHNIG                        ROGERS
                  Painted Mural, Tri-panel           Cor-Ten Steel, Sculpture
                  “Waterfall in the Woods”           “Star Dancers”
                  Located at Settlers Green          Located at Settlers Green
                  Streetside, outside of             Streetside, across from
                  Michael Kors Outlet                Barley & Salt

                  ANTOINETTE                         MELANIE
                  PRIEN SCHULTZE                     ZIBIT
                  Granite Sculpture                  Marble Sculpture
                  “Granite Mother”                   “Caryatid”
                  Located at Settlers Green          Located at the Food
                  Streetside, in the pathway         Courtyard at Settlers Green
                  by Francesca’s                     Outlet Village

                     “The Bronze Bears”
                     Our beloved bronze bears came to us in 2015.
                     Saco, named after the nearby Saco River, is the
                     momma bear. Tuck named after Tuckerman Ravine,
                     a popular ski mecca on Mt. Washington, is the name
                     of the baby bear.
                     You can find Saco and Tuck at the center of the Courtyard
                     near the Gazebo at Settlers Green Outlet Village.
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