Feb 17, 2017

Settlers Green to Feature Original Art by Local and Regional Artists

Settlers Green has announced a Request for Proposals (RFP) for new or existing art or craftwork to grace the existing shopping center at Settlers Green Outlet Village as well as the new Settlers Green Streetside expansion, which is opening this summer.

Settlers Green general manager Dot Seybold is working with the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts under the guidance of Director Ginnie Lupi to create a site-specific frame work for a variety of options for artists to consider. There are a number of public areas suitable for permanent art.

The “streetscape” of the center, designed by Cambridge, Massachusetts based Prellwitz & Chilinski Associates, serves to compliment the buildings and its outside areas. The artwork will be a part of the streetscape, along with gardens, play areas, courtyard dining and comfortable seating that adds to the shopping experience at Settlers Green.

“We have long recognized that part of our success and our strength as a North Conway outlet center is tied directly to how our customers appreciate not just the shopping and brands, but also the entire shopping experience," noted Seybold. Public art is often a dynamic and enriching encounter on its own, experiencing it while shopping will be delightful surprise to our visitors and shoppers.”

The RFP details what artistic media will be considered including wall murals, sculptures, glass, paintings and low relief sculptures. Pedestrian areas, walkways, covered wall spaces and a uniquely situated green space are areas where public art would be appropriate and add to the overall experience for visitors at Settlers Green. Potential themes of dance, community, whimsy, mountains, granite and fashion are suggested and broadly described in the RFP.

The deadline for proposals is May 1, 2017. The RFP outlines additional deadlines and the overall timeline of the project. Interested artists can contact Dot Seybold at with any additional questions. Please limit your correspondence to email.

Dot Seybold
General Manager