Settlers Green Blog

Oct 19, 2016

5 Things To Know About Bring A Friend Shopping Weekend

The calls are coming in and the hotels are getting booked up. November is one of the biggest months to shop at Settlers Green with our crown jewel event: Bring A Friend Shopping Weekend.

Straight from the Event Manager herself, here are 5 things you need to know before you come Shop Bring A Friend Weekend!

1. Wristbands Equal Coupons

This is a new concept this year, so listen up. If you want to get a discount at a store, you'll need a wristband. Bring A Friend Wristbands are available at Customer Service every day of the event, except on Saturday from 8am-3pm, where wristbands will be available at the Event Tent in the Courtyard.

Still confused? Here's an example: You go into JCrew. You have a wristband on? Bam! You get the discount they have going on for shoppers.

2. Bag Giveaway

We want to say this up front so there is no confusion: Wristbands will NOT be in the bags we give away on Saturday at 8 a.m. in the Courtyard. (Go back and read #1) We give away 2000 bags at 8 a.m. on Saturday, November 12, and they include sample product, a coupon book, Settlers Green swag. One of the 2000 bags will have a $500 Shopping Spree stuffed in it and 5 other bags will have $50 Shopping Sprees stuffed in them. Bags are given away at 8 a.m. (a line often forms as early as 7 a.m.). Depending on the year, bags can be gone within the first hour.

3. Dance Party and Selfies for Days

We are packed with entertainment this year including two dance performances and a DJ keeping the jams going all day on Saturday. Make sure you check out all the other fun things like Photo Contests, Photo Booth, Photo Scavenger Hunt and other fun things to do while breaking from shopping. Find out more.

4. Places to check out before or after you shop

Hey, remember those BAF Wristbands we talked about in #1. There's more to them. Wristbands will also take you on an adventure beyond Settlers Green before or after you shop. Your Wristband will get you specials at local restaurants and entertainment. Check out our Bring A Friend Itinerary.

Still confused? Here's an example: You go to Black Cap Grille for lunch. You have a wristband? Bam! You're eligible to enter a raffle to win gift cards on dining.

5. "This sounds like too much, I just want to shop."

That's why we created Treat Yourself, which takes place November 4-6, and is a mellowed out version of Bring A Friend. Same store discounts apply with the Treat Yourself Wristband. We also put together a nice Treat Yourself Itinerary to wine, dine, spa and shop your way through the weekend.