Settlers Green Blog

Nov 6, 2018

5 Tips for Bring A Friend Weekend

Hey there shoppers! We are less than a week away from our annual Bring A Friend Weekend, and we could not be more excited!  Many of you are Bring A Friend alum and know how to squeeze the most out of our biggest event of the year. This is for all you Bring A Friend newbies, who need a guiding hand through the chaos of bags, sales, and tiaras.  Take a deep breath, relax, and we’ll help you through it.

Get Here Early

The 1,500 bags we give away go very quickly, so be sure to secure your spot in line before the event starts at 8 am.  If early wake-up calls are not your thing, we recommend pre-ordering a bag during our bag sale in October. We sell 500 bags for $5 that are available for pick-up the week before Bring A Friend Weekend.  

Follow @settlersgreen and #ShopBAF on Instagram

All weekend long we will be doing ‘Giveaway Hotspots’ around Settlers Green. There are 11 chances to win, but the only way to do so is to follow us on social media.  Each giveaway hotspot will be posted to the Instagram along with a code word you need to get the prize.

Grab a wristband

Wristband deals have already started, so be sure to grab one as soon as you arrive.  These special offers are only available to wristband wearers, and include stores as well as local businesses! These wristbands are free, just return them when you’re done so we can recycle them.

Stop by one of our restaurants for a mid-shopping pick-me-up

Fight of the shopping fatigue by stopping at one of our 10 eateries within Settlers Green Outlet Village, Settlers Corner, and Settlers Crossing.  Whether you want a quick bite to eat or you and your crew are looking for a full dining experience, we have everything you need to refuel right here at Settlers Green.  You can find a full list of food options on our website!

5) Have Fun

We know it’s kind of cliche to put this on an event guide, but Bring A Friend Weekend is about so much more than the shopping. This weekend you can look to parades, giveaways, in-store events, scavenger hunts, and much more. Don’t get lost in the shopping madness, and make sure to check out the event schedule on the website.