The Bronze Bears


Saco & Tuck

Saco and Tuck have a permanent habitat at Settlers Green - and the good news is that they do not hibernate in the winter! They are the perfect photo op with friends and family, so grab your camera!
The Bronze Bears

Our beloved bronze bears came to us in 2015 and we asked the public to help name them. Saco and Tuck won the popular vote. Saco, named after the nearby Saco River, is the momma bear. Tuck named after Tuckerman Ravine, a popular ski mecca on Mt. Washington, is the name of the baby bear.

You can find Saco and Tuck at the center of the Courtyard near the Gazebo at Settlers Green Outlet Village.

#SeenAtSettlers Photo Contest

Instagram your photos of the bears using #SeenAtSettlers @settlersgreen to be entered to win gift cards to shop! Weekly drawings in July & August, and monthly throughout the rest of the year.

About the American Black Bear

There are approximately 5,000 American Black Bears in New Hampshire.  Primarily omnivores, their diets include nuts, berries, spring shoots, honey, tree fruits, and they will also eat carrion especially in the spring when coming out of hibernation.  Cubs are born in January after an 8 month gestation.   Cubs will stay with their mother for 18 months.   Black bears are very important to our eco-system and they are celebrated throughout our culture from Native American ceremonies to treasured “Teddy” bears.